The website, from now on will be referred to as , located in Thessaloniki, at 139 Papanastasiou Street, Charilaou, PC 54250 in Greece. The visitor / user of the websites and services of the Company’s website is subject to the following terms, which he must read carefully because his further use and browsing of this website implies his explicit and unconditional consent and consent to these terms. If you do not agree to any of the following terms, you should not use this website.


Obligations and Responsibility of visitor / user

The visitor / user of the websites and services of this website, must comply with the rules and provisions of Greek, European and International Law and the relevant legislation governing telecommunications. The visitor / user agrees and accepts that he will not use the Company’s online store to send, publish, email or otherwise transmit any content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, defamatory, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelistic, is a violation of someone else’s privacy shows empathy or expresses racial, ethnic or other discrimination, may cause harm to minors in any way, is not entitled to be transmitted in accordance with law or contractual or managerial relations (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information obtained or disclosed as part of an employment relationship or covered by confidentiality agreements), infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights, contains any software viruses or any other code , files or programs designed to interrupt, damage, corrupt, or equip any computer software or hardware, intentionally or unintentionally violates the applicable Greek and Community legislation and its provisions, may harass third parties in any way and any content used to collect or store personal data about other users.



All content on the Company’s website, including, but not limited to, texts, photographs, videos, graphics, products and services are the intellectual property of the Company and are protected by national laws and international conventions. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to reproduce (reformatting), republish, distribute, publish, execute, upload (upload), format, modify, make copy sites.
(mirroring) the content of the Company’s website without the prior written approval of the Beneficiary. The printing of part of the content of the Company’s website, with the sole purpose of placing an order or using it for purchases, is excluded.


General Data Protection Regulation

The Company is committed to protecting and restricting itself only to the legal processing of its customers’ personal data. The Privacy Policy explains how the personal data collected by the Company are used and the procedures that exist to protect this data. The collection and processing of personal data is done in accordance with Greek and Community legislation and more specifically with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union, number 2016/679, and the relevant decisions of the competent authorities.
The Company recognizes the importance of the security of personal data and has taken all necessary measures, with the most modern and advanced methods, to ensure the maximum possible security and protection of personal data of its users. In case of any violation of this security, the Company will take all necessary actions to inform the competent authorities and / or the user, where required by the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union, with number 2016/679.
Whenever the Company’s website is used, the Company receives and collects specific information. The information obtained depends solely on the actions of the user when he visits the Company’s website. The content of the following paragraphs with numbers 3.1-3.12 included, clarifies in detail the results of the user’s actions on the Company’s website regarding the information received and collected.


Information that is received and collected automatically

The Company receives and collects the following information: the domain name and the name of the host, the browser and operating system, date and time when the user visits the Company’s website and the IP address from which the user has logged in. . This information is obtained and collected for better website management, trend analysis and demographic information. This information is inherent in the electronic nature of the Company.


Cookies Information

“Cookies” are small files that are placed on the hard drive of the user’s computer during his visit to the Company’s website and allow the Company to identify the user, whenever he visits the website and if he uses the same computer and the same browser. Cookies are used for specific functions, such as selecting a language and logging in using the username and password. The user has the ability to enable the setting in his browser to notify him before accepting cookies or to disable the setting to accept cookies. In the latter case, however, he will not be able to use specific services, such as the use of his account on the Company’s website.

Performance Cookies (Googleanalytics):
These cookies collect information about how the user uses the Company’s website, for example, which pages they visit most often. These cookies collect aggregate, anonymous information that does not identify a visitor. They are used exclusively to improve the performance of the Company’s website.


Information provided voluntarily by the user

In order for the user to navigate the Company’s website, to see the Company’s products, to use the Company’s shopping cart or rating system, he does not need to provide personal data.
Personal data and the free, explicit and specific consent for their use will be requested in the following cases: (1) Creating an account, (2) Filling out an order form, (3) Subscribing to the Newsletter, (4) User reviews for products available from the Company / Product Rating.

(1) Account creation: The user has the ability to create an account on the Company’s website, to submit an online order, to save items in his WishList and to review a product. Creating an account requires the free, explicit and specific consent of the user and the provision of the following personal information: Name, Surname and e-mail address. You also need to choose a username and a personal password. The user must not disclose his username and personal password to third parties, nor must he keep them in electronic or printed form, to prevent any unauthorized use. In case of disclosure of the codes to a third party, the user has the obligation to immediately inform the Company. In case of leakage of data due to the disclosure by the user to third parties of the above data, the Company has no responsibility.
In any case, if the user wishes, he can correct / modify his personal data using the corresponding option on the account management pages. Also, if desired the user can delete his account. For this to happen, the user must send an e-mail to and the Company will delete the data in a reasonable time.

(2) Fill in the order form: If the user has created an account, he must use it to fill in the order form. The information contained in this account will be used in completing the order and the user must fill in some additional information, such as billing and shipping address, as well as information on the invoice (AFT, Occupation, name), where necessary, as well as contact telephone, alternative delivery address (optional) and method of payment of the order. For the completion of the above additional data and the submission of the order, the free, explicit and specific consent of the user is required for their use for the purpose of processing the order.

(3) Subscribe to the Newsletter: If the user wishes to subscribe to the Company Newsletter, he must fill in his e-mail address and select ‘Subscribe’. Newsletter subscription can also be done when creating an account. If he does not wish to receive the Newsletter, the user can select a relevant link that allows him to unsubscribe from the Newsletter recipient list located in the email confirming the subscription, as well as in any subsequent email with the Company Newsletter.

4) User reviews for the products available from the Company / Product Rating: A necessary condition for the user to submit a review for any of the products on the Company’s website is for the user to maintain an account. If a user’s review contains abusive content, offensive comments, personal information (eg phone number), is a negative advertisement, etc., the Company reserves the right to refuse the publication of such a review and to delete it from its website place. The reviews and comments of the users are personal opinions and opinions of the users themselves and do not necessarily express the views of the Company, which in no case can be considered responsible for any of these views. An account is not required to submit a Rating for a product.


Duration of retention of Personal Data

The personal data is kept for as long as the user maintains a contractual relationship with the Company. In the event that for any reason this relationship is terminated the personal data are kept for as long as is required to fulfill any contractual obligations of the user to the Company. In the event that personal data have been used to invoice the user’s order (s), the Company maintains in its accounting software and in-house planning system (ERP) all accounting and tax documents for as long as required by the tax authorities.


User rights in relation to the processing of his data

Each user can exercise each one individually or all the following rights, choosing the relevant option:

• right of access, to find out what data the Company processes, why it processes them and their recipients.
• right of correction, to correct any deficiencies or inaccuracies in his data.
• right of deletion, also called the right of forgetfulness to delete its data from the Company’s records.

• right to restrict processing, in case of reason for questioning the accuracy of the data, etc.
• right of portability, to receive its data in a structured and commonly used format
• the right to withdraw his consent for the processing of his personal data, with the consequent termination of the contract between the user and the Company and the non-processing of his order. As mentioned above no order can be processed without processing the user’s personal data.
It is noted that the exercise of the rights of the user is subject only to the reservation that their processing is no longer necessary for the purpose of processing any contractual obligations owed to the Company. In such a case, the Company notifies the user by email of the specific reasons for the retention of the specific data. In any case, the Company promotes the completion of its operations within 30 days, if possible.

Ensuring the security of personal data

Ensuring the security of personal data is an absolute commitment for the Company. For this purpose, the Company implements all modern and appropriate for the purposes of processing technical and organizational measures, the effective response of which it monitors at regular intervals.


Transfer of Personal Data to parts of the Company and to third parties for the purpose of processing the order

The user’s personal data is transmitted internally to the Company in its departments that are responsible for the processing, packaging, invoicing and processing of the user’s order. The user’s personal data may be transmitted and made available to third parties, ie, to natural or legal persons (eg couriers) with whom the Company from time to time maintains contracts for the correct and timely processing of the order. However, in this case, the third parties, natural or legal persons, process the user’s personal data exclusively for the purpose of providing services to the Company and for the processing of the user’s order and not for any other purpose of their own, foreign to the processing. of the work of the Company. In each data transfer, the Company always takes every measure so that the personal data that are transmitted are the minimum necessary and that the conditions for their legal and fair processing by the third party are met.
Couriers: The delivery of the ordered products to the customers of the Company is performed by courier companies with which the Company cooperates. For this purpose, the Company promotes specific personal data of the user, such as Name, Surname, Shipping Address and Telephone Contact to the specific courier companies, so that the delivery and processing of the order is possible.


Non-transmission of personal data

The Company declares that it does not rent, sell or forward the user’s personal data to third parties without the prior free, explicit and specific consent of the user. In the cases referred to in paragraph 3.8 above, consent for the transmission of personal data is given upon submission of the user’s order and their transmission is implied for the purposes of processing the order.


Linking to other websites

Whenever the user selects / clicks on links or banners on the Company’s website, as a result of which he is transferred to third party websites, he is subject to the Privacy Policy of third parties. The Company is not responsible for the content of other websites and the actions of third parties and urges the user to always read the Privacy Policy of all websites visited.


User consent

The use of the Company’s website by the user and the submission of his personal data, presupposes and implies his free, explicit and specific consent regarding the collection, storage and processing of his personal data, in accordance with the terms mentioned. in the present Privacy Policy of the Company, which policy is in line and governed by both Greek legislation and the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union, number 2016/679.


Update and modify the Privacy Policy

The Company reserves the right to modify / update individual parts of this Privacy Policy, without the obligation to inform the user in advance. The Company urges the user to always read the Privacy Policy, before using the Company’s website, in order to be informed about its current version, in case any modifications or updates have been made.

Last update of the Personal Data Protection Policy: 01/04/2022.


Services provided by Third Parties

The Company’s website may contain links and indications to pages owned and maintained by third parties. The Company does not control the availability, quality and / or completeness of the services or products provided by third parties and does not bear any responsibility for any deficiencies, errors or any other form of omission observed on their pages. The Company is not responsible for the content of other websites and the actions of third parties and urges you to always read the Privacy Policy and the terms of use of all the websites you visit. For any problem that arises during the visit / use of third party websites, the user should contact directly the respective websites and their companies, which are solely responsible for the services provided. The visitor / user of these websites bears the sole responsibility for the use of the links and indications of third parties. The Company is not responsible for the communication of the user / member with the third party service providers that are advertised on the Company’s website and for any commercial transaction that may arise from their relationship.


Product Information (Photos-Technical Specifications)

Product information, product and product information, technical details and photos, published online on the Company’s website, come from partners, suppliers or manufacturers as well as organizations that provide bibliographic information. The Company does not bear any responsibility for any deficiencies, errors or any other form of omission in this information. The Company is released from any liability regarding their content. The photos of the products are indicative and can not be binding on the Company.


Prices and VAT

The prices of the products listed are in euros (€) and include the corresponding VAT. and all legal surcharges, depending on the type of product. Prices do not include shipping costs, which are added to your order, depending on the place and type of delivery. Shipping costs are reported during the ordering process, before the customer accepts them and completes his order. The Company reserves the right to adjust the prices listed without notice, but is committed to applying the listed price at the time of order.
For sending products to the countries of the European Union, the prices are charged with the corresponding VAT that is valid in Greece.



The Company issues sales invoices for the purchase of products through its website by individuals. For companies or freelancers, and to issue an invoice, additional information is required: Name, TIN, and Profession.
The consumer has no obligation to pay if he does not receive the legal document (Invoice).



The availability of the products depends on the Manufacturer / Supplier. Delivery time is subject to change depending on availability at the Manufacturer / Supplier.
The Company bears no responsibility for any deficiencies observed by the supplier, regarding the availability of specific products.
In case a product is not available, then we will contact you via e-mail within seven (7) working days, to inform you about the possible date that will be available. If a product is not available we can suggest a similar product. In case the new product availability date does not satisfy you, and you do not want any of the previous options, you can cancel your order and request a refund in accordance with the terms mentioned in the section “Refund”. The Company is not obliged for any other compensation. If in your order there are some items that are available and some that are not, we undertake to deliver the available products to you, and to perform one of the above actions.


Shipping and Delivery of Products

The products are delivered to the shipping address you have indicated to us during your order, and according to the delivery times listed for each type of product and each region. The delivery deadlines mentioned are indicative, depend on the availability of the products and are based on information provided by the courier and the Post Office. The Company does not bear any responsibility for modifications of these times or for cases of delay of shipment due to the courier or reasons of special situations.  The Company reserves the right to adjust the shipping prices listed without notice, but is committed to applying the listed price at the time of order.
Commitment to a specific time for the delivery of products by the customer is not accepted. For cases where the weight of the order or the dimensions of the parcel exceed the permissible limits for shipment, we reserve the right to divide the shipment into smaller shipments / parcels.
Upon receipt of your order you must check the products that are sent to you. In case you find any damage to the packaging upon receipt of your order, you must notify us immediately by e-mail at or by phone at +30 2314005246. You must also send us more details about the damage within twenty-four (24) hours from the receipt of the product, e-mail to Otherwise, the Company does not bear any responsibility for this damage.
In the event of your refusal or inability to receive a product, we reserve all our legal rights for any damage we may have suffered.
If the products are returned to the Company due to incorrect or missing address, shipping costs are non-refundable. If further shipping costs arise, the Company may incur further shipping costs. The goods travel on behalf of the customer. Until the full payment of the price, the goods remain the property of the Company.


Special Situations

If for reasons of special situations (eg strikes, weather conditions, etc.), we can not fulfill your order in the predetermined period we have set, we will contact you to let us know if you wish to proceed in the completion of your order under the new data and in a new period of time.


Return Policy

In any case of product return from the customer to the Company, the product return is accepted only and if the product is in its original condition, the product packaging is not opened, is not soiled or damaged, or is not in any other condition than of its original. Necessary condition for the return of any product to the Company is the sending by the customer e-mail to within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt of the product, explaining the reasons for the return. The Company does not accept, allow or bear any responsibility for refunds requested within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt.
It is noted that returns of seasonal products, such as swimwear, jewelry are not accepted.
In case of defective product, the product is sent directly to the manufacturer / Supplier. The Company is not responsible for products that have suffered any damage, for any defects or poor quality of products. All products are received packaged by suppliers. However, you retain the rights listed above. In case it is returned to the Company, any product that does not meet the above conditions, it will be returned back to the customer and shipping costs will be borne by him.


Order cancellation

Order cancellation can only take place if the pricing process of your order has not started. In case of cancellation and if we have been informed before by e-mail, an email will be sent to you by the Company, where the cancellation of the order will be confirmed.


Electronic Dispute Resolution

According to Regulation (EU) no. 524/2013 and Law 133 (I) / 2013 now provide for the possibility of electronic settlement of consumer disputes with the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure throughout the European Union.
If the customer has the status of a consumer (ie a natural person acting outside the professional capacity) and has any problem with a purchase made from the Company’s website, he can initiate the Electronic Dispute Resolution (EAD) process through the electronic resolution platform. differences at


Product Warranty

The warranty of the products that appear on the Company’s website is the one that is determined and declared by the manufacturer of each kind. The Company does not offer any additional guarantees, unless expressly stated.


Payment Methods

The deposit or transfer of the amount of the order to the account of the Company must be made within seven (7) days from the date of registration of the order. Beyond this limit, the order will be canceled and the Company will not proceed with its execution. In case of transfer, ie transfer from a bank different from that of the Company, all transfer costs should be borne by the sender (customer) and the net amount of the order should be credited to the Company’s bank account.


Gift Vouchers

The Company vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase, are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. After this period, the gift certificates will be considered invalid and can not be used. The Company gift vouchers can be used exclusively through the Company’s website and for any of its available products. Gift vouchers can not be used to purchase other vouchers or in conjunction with a discount coupon.
The buyer / sender (customer) of the gift voucher will be sent a receipt by mail to the customer address he has declared. In case the amount of the gift voucher used exceeds the amount of the order, the system will save the remaining amount of the gift voucher and can be used in the next order within the predetermined period of time. There is no refund from a gift certificate. Gift vouchers can be purchased by credit / debit or prepaid card and by deposit / transfer to one of the Company’s bank accounts (cash on delivery is not supported).
In the case of payment by deposit / transfer to an account, the process of sending an electronic message (e-mail) with the gift certificate code to the recipient, begins with the receipt of the deposit receipt from the sender / buyer (customer). Gift vouchers are sent by e-mail to the email address filled in by the sender / buyer (customer) when creating the gift voucher. The Company is not responsible for any errors that occur in the process of sending the gift voucher due to incorrect registration of data by the customer or any other problem that arises not due to the fault of the Company (eg inactive email account or full inbox). In case the recipient’s e-mail address is incorrect and the e-mail is returned to our system, we will inform the customer via e-mail and take all possible steps to resolve the issue.


Discount Coupons

The Company can offer discount coupons for marketing and promotion purposes. Discount coupons can not be used to purchase gift certificates or in combination with any other offer. Only one discount coupon can be used in each order. Discount coupons are not exchanged for money and are valid for a certain period of time.


Special Offers

The Company may apply various special offers, which are valid for a limited number of pieces. In case a product is sold out we do not bear any responsibility and we do not compensate.


Security Policy

The personal data you provide, including your name and address, is protected using SecureSocketLayer (SSL) protocol and encrypted with 256-bit, currently the most advanced security standard, before being sent to us over the Internet. The Company holds a certificate of authenticity from the international organization Internet Security Research Group, Let’s Encrypt, which certifies that the SSL protocol is genuine and authentic, confirms the identity of our company and its email address (URL), and encrypts all personal data posted on our website. Whenever you use secure pages, the email address in your browser should start with https: // instead of http: //. Your browser should also have a locked yellow padlock on the bottom right of the statusbar, indicating that you are in a safe environment and that you can select to view certificate information.


Modifications to the Terms of Use

The last update of these Terms of Use has been made on 01/04/2022. The Company reserves the right to modify or correct the Terms of Use at any time and to update its website accordingly.


Applicable Law

These terms are subject to the provisions of the laws of Greek Law. For any dispute that arises, the Courts of Thessaloniki are competent.